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I'm Fabrice Sapolsky and I've been creating and publishing comics for over two decades. Though I was born in a place where comic books are sometimes considered as a form of art, France, I only had eyes for American Comics and decided to move to the US in 2015. 
Some people only know me as the co-creator/writer of SPIDER-MAN NOIR for Marvel Comics, but I published five other graphic novels (as of 2022) and I'm running FairSquare Comics, the only immigrant and minority owned comics publisher in America.  

I currently live in Los Angeles. 

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My Story

It all started in Paris, France, where I was born. 

I fell in love with comics at around 8 years old. We were living in a suburb about 17 miles North West of Paris. And there was this newsstands on my way to school. I could see the shiny and colorful covers featuring Marvel and DC heroes from outside the shop. Until one day, I had enough money to get in and buy one. Then, I kept buying as much as I could afford it. 

On TV, the classic Spider-Man cartoon was also frequently broadcasted, as well as Japanese anime like Grendizer and Captain Harlock. 

By the age of 15, we were living in Paris and I could read english well enough to start collecting comics in their original form. At 16, I went to the US for the first time and brought back plenty of comics. At this stage, I had reached the point of no return. 
Comics would become an intricate part of my life.

Through my 20+ years in publishing, I did it all. I served as Editor and packager for multiple companies in France, my home country, and the US including:
Albin Michel, Heavy Metal, Panini, Jungle Comics, DC Comics, Humanoids, Tapestry Productions and Ablaze Comics (to name a few).


In 1998, I founded my first publishing company, TSC, to release COMIC BOX, the first ever newsmagazine about comics in French language. 
It was a hell of a ride. COMIC BOX died three times, had five different publishers but over 120 issues were released between 1998 and 2022. I was its editor in chief from the beginning until 2011. And though I'm not really working on it, I'm still somewhat connected to the team and co-own the brand. 

Late 2006, I approached my friend and very talented writer/cartoonist David Hine with a very weird idea: a Spider-Man character set in the 1930s and impacted by the Great Depression. Spider-Man Noir was born!
Two years later, Marvel released the first issue and the rest is History. 


But Spider-Man Noir was just the beginning. 
I started thinking big. Way bigger. And moved to the United States in 2015 with one goal: be a full time comic book creator. 

I started touring, drawing, editing, designing, lettering, translating and of course writing comics. 

Besides Spider-Man Noir, I released five creator owned graphic novels including fan favorites INTERTWINED and LADY-BIRD via his inclusive imprint FairSquare Comics.

Founded in 2019, FairSquare Comics develops, publishes and distributes original comic books and graphic novels, mostly from immigrants, minorities and under-represented creators of the world; an objective emphasized in our company’s mantra:“Comics from the rest of us”.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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